Postdoctoral positions available:


We are recruiting postdoctoral researchers interested in (1) studying the structural mechanisms of Notch receptor activation and (2) designing biologics to control Notch activity on specific tissue types. We use a multidisciplinary approach that integrates structural and cellular biology with cutting edge protein engineering techniques, such as directed evolution, to understand signaling mechanisms at the molecular level. These projects incorporate both basic and translational research, and Notch-targeted biologics will be evaluated as potential therapies for autoimmunity, developmental disorders, and cancer. Candidates will work with a team of immunologists, tumor biologists, and clinicians at Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL) to conduct research in a highly collaborative environment. The positions are funded for up to 5 years by an R35 MIRA grant from the NIH/NIGMS. Ideal candidates have demonstrated expertise in protein biochemistry and molecular biology. Expertise in x-ray crystallography and protein or antibody engineering is preferred.

Position highlights
- Structure-function studies of Notch receptor signaling mechanisms
- Design biologics using protein engineering and directed evolution
- Collaboratively assess the therapeutic potential of biologics in disease models


- Protein purification, biophysical characterization of protein-protein interactions,

  directed evolution, x-ray crystal structure determination, cellular signaling assays

- Mentor graduate students and technicians

- Compose manuscripts and postdoctoral fellowships, assist with grant applications

Credentials and qualifications

- PhD in Structural Biology, Molecular Biology, Biophysics, or a related field (required)

- PhD awarded within the past year (preferred)

How to apply

Candidates should e-mail the following to

1) A cover letter that describes their motivation to pursue this position and summarizes past research accomplishments.

2) A current CV with recent publications and contact information for three references.